Ploughman's Lunch
Incredibly Simple, Rustic and Plain
To Make Your Own You Will Need:
*Loaf of Well-Crusted Bread
*Cheese or Cheeses
*Pickled Onions
*Branston Pickle, Piccalilli, Mustard
*Grapes or any fresh fruit
*Basic Salad with Malt Vinegar
*English Beer
(Good Strong Beer, No Whimpie Light
You will need the following:
Bangers: any size your choice of sausages)    
Back Style Bacon
Black and White Pudding
Potaoto Scones or Brennan's bread
Baked Beans
Guinness Beer
A Big Frying Pan
A Proper Breakfast
All You Need To Do Is:
Put a little oil in the pan
Cut your tomato in half and grill in
the oven
Cut up your puddings to
1/2 an inch thick Throw in your
bangers, bacon & pudding in the
pan Throughly cook everything
Warm up your baked beans
Put bangers, bacon & pudding
in a preheated oven to keep
them warm Don't turn off the pan!
Fry up your bread or potato scones
in the pan along with your eggs
Thanks Ann for sharing how you did this!!
Click for the recipe
Malteser and Mars Bar Slice
And no breakfast is    
complete without a
Guinness Beer along side it.
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