Bacon: AKA: Back Bacon, Rashers, Less fat and thicker slices
Irish Style Bacon: ½ and 1 pound pack, traditional thick cut
Danish: 1/2 pound British say it's the best bacon in the world a thicker cut
Boiling Bacon 2 lbs.: oil 10 minutes, throw water away boil 1hr w/ vegetables and potatoes
Irish Ham 3KG (6.6 lbs)  
In stock now and it is amazing
Irish Ham Joint  4 lbs special order
Brennans Chia Bread is a delicious wholegrain bread packed with chia seeds
Brennans White: Pre-sliced White Batch or Pan 800g (Ireland)
Brennans Wholemeal Pan 800g (Ireland)
Brennans Brown Bread: dense wholemeal soda bread pre-sliced (Ireland)
Crumpets by Lakeland Bake (England)
Puff Pastry make your own sausage rolls or pies
Potato Scones: (Scottish) flat triangle shaped
Soda Bread: white with raisins (Ireland)
Soreen: malt loaf (England)
Yorkshire Puddings- Aunt Bessie’s 12 pre-made in the oven (England)
Double Devon Cream slightly salted (England)
Colliers’ Welsh Butter sea salt form the Anglesey Sea (Wales)
Goats- slightly salted (England)
Sold Out
KerryGold Spread- Ireland blend of butter & vegetable oils (Ireland)
KerryGold sticks or blocks- Salted and Garlic & Herb (Ireland)
Haddock & Kippers: boil in the bag with a pat of butter (England)
Donegal Catch 4 fillets of Atlantic Cod in golden crumb, (Ireland)
Donegal Fish Fingers are 10 battered white Atlantic caught fish (Ireland)/
Bridies:(Scottish Style) ground beef in a flaky shell 4 pack
Meat Pies: (Scottish Style) seasoned ground beef in a pastry shell  8 or 4 or 2 pack
Shepherd's Pie: ground beef, onion, peas and carrots topped with mashed potato
Steak & Ale: steak, ale, onion & potato
Steak & Kidney: The Famous British Icon…steak, and pork kidney, onion in gravy
Steak & Potato: Steak and cubed potato in gravy
Ground Beef & Onion: ground beef with minced onion in gravy
Chicken & Mushroom: chicken breasts & mushroom in a creamy white mushroom sauce
Sold Out
Chicken Curry: chicken breasts, red bell pepper, onion and  garlic in a sweet Indian curry
Pork Pies:
Ground pork 4 pack (eat hot )
Melton Mowbray style traditional with LOVE & jelly (aka aspic) Individual 6oz
2 pack Original Cornish: ground beef, carrot, potato wrapped in short crust pastry
Original Cornish: ground beef, potato, carrot, peas, onion in a dark gravy
(v) Caramelized Onion: cheddar, onion and potato
(v) Curried Veggies: potato, carrot, onion, garlic, peas in a mild curry sauce
Sausage (Pork):
Bangers (1lbs package): cocktail 24 links, chipolata 12 links, jumbo 8, links, large 5 links
Black Pudding 1/2 lbs or 1lbs- with blood- British /Irish Style and Scottish Style
Cumberland 1 lbs cracker meal, white pepper, ground spices
Ground Meat 1 pound package, pork
Haggis - Scottish tradition, lamb’s liver, beef, oatmeal
Lincolnshire  cracker meal, sage leaves, white pepper, ground spices
White Pudding 1/2 lbs or 1lbs- British/Irish style
Sausage Beef:
Bangers (1 LBS) 9 links
Lorne Beef Patties 4 patties
12 Mini Baked: raisin; plain; mixed berry (blueberries, cranberries, strawberries & cherries; blueberry
& lemon; Kate & Wills (UK chocolate & toffee); NEW Harry & Meghan (Belvoir Elderflower & lemon)
Harry and Meghan Baby Scones: 6 Blueberry and 6 it a boy or a girl?
Available Now
Winter Seasonal: Martini Mini Scones: Gin, Vermouth & Green Olives. Perfect with cheese. Available Nov-Jan
4 Baked Large rounds with raisins, Ireland
Hot Cross Buns Traditional British style. Available Easter time only

(v) = Vegetarian
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