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Flavoured Cheese

Amber Mist                                                                                           mature cheddar laced with Scottish Whisky
Beechwood                                                                       naturally beechwood smoked, creamy mature cheddar
Black Mountain                                                                       semi-soft, & very creamy, garlic, herbs, white wine
Caramelized Onion                                                                         blended into a creamy mature English cheddar
Cheddar & Claret                                                                               smooth texture, Bordeaux red wine, medium
Cotswold                           Double Gloucester blended w/chives & onion blended, creamy, Annatto colouring
Dubliner with Irish Stout                                                      hard pressed, cheddar, Swiss, Parmigiano Reggiano
Elderberry                                                                                  semi-soft, blended with elderberry wine, medium
Fiery Spice                             aged, green & red bell peppers, green & red chili peppers, crushed chili & garlic
Ginger Spice                                                      silky, sweet, medium sharp cheddar with chunks of stem ginger
Green Thunder                                                                    creamy mature cheddar with garlic and garden herbs
Guinness Cheddar                                                       a big Guinness taste blended into a creamy sharp cheddar
Harlech                                                                                 semi-soft & very creamy, horseradish & parsley, warm
Harissa                         creamy, sharp, roasted chili peppers, toasted cumin, coriander, smoked paprika, garlic
Il Truffelino Black Truffle                     English farmhouse cheddar is blended with forged Italian black truffles
Porter  (Guinness style)                                                         semi-soft, blended with real porter (beer), medium
Port Wine Derby                       smooth, creamy marbled with delicate Port infusion, blackcurrant undertones
Quickie's Oak Smoked Cheddar                                       aged cheddar smoked using oak chips from their farm
Red Devil                                    Red Leicester with chillies and crushes peppers…this cheese is extremely HOT
Red Dragon                            3 months, semi-soft &  very creamy, firm, mustard seed, Welsh brown ale, spicy
Ruby Mist                                                                                              mature cheddar laced with port and brandy
Sage Derby                                                                                                   semi-soft, firm, blended w/ sage  leaves
Sticky Toffee                                                                 Rich and dense, brown sugar, caramel, cinnamon, nutmeg
Thai Curry                    coriander, turmeric, salt, allspice, ginger, fenugreek, garlic, pepper, cumin,  bay leaves  
Ticker Chilles & Peppers                                   Taw Valley's extra mature chillies & peppers, HOT, great melter
Ticker Red Onion                                      Taw Valley's extra mature cheddar with raw red onions, great melter
Tintern                                                                                                     semi-soft, & very creamy, chives & shallots
Wensleydale - Flavoured                                           clean, mild, slightly sweet flavor with a honeyed aftertaste
                                 cherry, apricot, cranberries ,chocolate & orange, lemon, mango & ginger, pear & apple  
Windsor Red                                                                                   semi soft, blended with port & brandy, medium
Whiskey Cheddar                                                               Irish whiskey, medium…you can see the whiskey veins
White Stilton     blended w/ fruit-cheesecake texture very mild: apricot, blueberry, lemon, cranberry, ginger,
                mango & ginger, pear & apple, chocolate & orange or NY cheesecake or strawberries and cream

Subtle Cheese

Blarney Castle                                                                                          reminiscent of a fine, young, Dutch Gouda
Caerphilly                                              high moisture content, less crumbly, young, fresh, slightly salty, buttery
Colliers Easy Mellow Welsh Cheddar                                                   5-6 months, well rounded mellow flavour
Skellig                                       12 months, firm yet creamy texture, a distinct nuttiness and sweet apple notes
Wensleydale                                                                                         dry, crumbly, lemony, sweet & firm, cheddar

Goat & Sheep Cheese

Crozer Blue - Sheep  
                                                                                          velvety soft, sweet, medium, strong
Delamere Goat Cheddar                                       3-6 months, smooth and savory, pronounced cheddary flavor
Lord of the Hundreds: Sheep***                              strong, slightly sweet, grassy, nutty finish, not overly salty
Rachel by White Lake: Goat***                             pebbly dusty white mold rind, brine washed, savory-slightly  
                                                    sweet & nutty, aged in a cheese cloth in a basket to take the basket’s shape
Spenwood-Sheep***             3 mos, hard pressed, natural rind, medium, creamy, caramel flavour, rich, nutty finish
Ticklemore-Goat    Aged 3 months,  moist, hard pressed, dry, grate-able, mildly acidic med bodied aged in a                                    
                                                                                             cheese cloth and basket to take the basket’s shape
Sharp Cheese

Barbers 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar                                  18mos, creamy, savory, salt crystals, sweet notes
Cheshire                                 aged 2-3 months classic dry & crumbly cheddar, slightly tang, Annatto colouring
Collier’s                                                        aged 16 months, powerful taste, crunchy salt crystals, sweet, savory
Coastal                                aged 18 months, rich & sharp with subtle sweet & salty top notes crunchy texture
Dorset Drum English Farmhouse Cheddar-14oz                                             sweet, tangy, traditional, medium
Double Gloucester                                 dry, crumbly, 2 milking's daily, full flavor cheddar, as sharp as Cheshire
Dubliner                                                                                 hard pressed, cheddar, Swiss, Parmigianino Reggiano
Dubliner Triangles                                        Super creamy, spreadable,  cheddar, Swiss, Parmigianino Reggiano
Irish Green Wax (Mature Irish)                                                                                           12 months, bitey, strong
Ivy’s Vintage Reserve Cheddar                       15 months. rich flavor, sharp tang, lasting mellowness, grandma   
                     Ivy’s 100 year old family recipe, only English farm that is 100% self-sufficient  in green energy
Humming Bark by Carrigbryne                 aged in spruce bark, rich, wash rind, sweet & fruity notes, pungent
Kerrygold Aged Cheddar                                                                                                      12 months, firm, smooth
Little Black Bomber                                                                                      extra mature cheddar, creamy, smooth
Mull of Kintyre                                                        14 months, salt crystals,  full, rich, touch of honey sweetness
Old Smales (AKA Old Winchester)                                                   14 months, Gouda-style, hint of Parmesan &
                         cheddar, full flavor, an underlying sweetness, crystalline finish that crunches on the tongue
Quickie’s Clothbound Red Leicester***                                                3 months, complex, intense , earthy rind
Quickie’s Mature                         12 months, full bodied, slightly pungent, buttery, v. sharp, cheese cloth aged
Red Leicester                                          dry, crumbly, sharp slightly nutty flavoured cheddar, Annatto colouring
Red Storm                                                                                 18 months , vintage red Leicester aged, nutty finish
Saxonshires                                         Five famous cheddars all layered into one, mild to a medium  sharpness:
                                                                              Double Gloucester, Caerphilly, Cheshire, Leicester, and Derby
Shamrock Cheddar                             24 months, extra sharp, curd is scalded twice and is repeatedly cut and  
    piled in order to remove the whey and break down the curd, creamy, taut texture, sweet, grassy flavor
Sparkenhoe Red Leicester***                         6 months previous day’s milk, cloth & lard bound, sharp, earthy
Stinking Bishop                                                                          wash rind ripened in pear juice, runny, very strong
Tickler                                                                                                18 months, Devon, aged extra mature cheddar
Tipperary Irish Mature Cheddar                                                                                 12 months, full flavour, sharp
Tipperary Cheddar                                                                           12+ months, rich, creamy texture, sharp taste
Vintage Irish Cheddar  - KerryGold                                                     24 months, full flavour and nice sharp bite
Westminster Farmhouse                                                      10 months, smooth, hints of grassiness, fruity notes
Westminster Sharp                                                                              12 months, smooth, creamy, medium sharp
Westminster Vintage                                    15 months, salt crystals, creamy, strong-savory, not over powerful
Wexford Mature Cheddar                                                            12 months, buttery flavor, from south of Dublin
Wyfe of Bath -Organic                                     Gouda-style, semi hard, nutty, creamy, aged in cloth lined baskets

Blue Cheese

Blue Stilton -In a Crock (Seasonal)                                                                                    Best Stilton of the season      
Blue Stilton: Tuxford & Tebbot (Melton Mowbray) or Colston Bassettt (Nottinghamshire) or Long Clawson (Melton Mowbray)   
  strong, tangy flavour becoming creamier as it matures, only 7 dairies in England are approved to produce Stilton    
Butlers Blacksticks                                           2 months aged, super creamy & tangy, strong, Annatto colouring
Cashel                                                            young, extra creamy, milder blue, spreadable at room temperature
Crozer - Sheep                           velvety soft, sweet, milder blue, not sheepy, spreadable at room temperature
Huntsman                                                                  layered Blue Stilton & Double Gloucester, Annatto colouring
Mature Blue Stilton                                                      full rich, creamy, natural crinkly brown crust, aged longer
Shropshire Blue    6-8 months, Cheshire base, cheddary, strong, Annatto colouring, Scottish Origins

*** = Unpasteurized or blue cheeses are not recommended for women in pregnancy
All Cheese use a vegetarian rennet unless noted
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